Welcome to the Settlement Claim Facilitator Webpage—aka the Portal—for the Ferrick v. Spotify USA Inc. class action settlement. The lawyers representing you have arranged for Royalty Review Council as the Settlement Claim Facilitator to build this Portal to help you complete your claim to the Settlement.

As a Settlement Class Member, you may use this Portal to search for the copyright registration numbers of the songs you own which were made available on Spotify’s streaming service during the Settlement Class Period. To participate in this Settlement, you must provide the copyright registration number for each song that you claim was made available by Spotify without authorization. If you choose to use this Portal, you will be able to download a file containing the songs you claim to submit to the Settlement Facilitator at www.spotifypublishingsettlement.com.

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If you anticipate that you will be filing claims for more than 2,500 songs, please contact the Settlement Facilitator at [email protected] with the email address that you intend to use to create a user account on this portal and the approximate number of songs that you anticipate will be included in your claim.

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